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Lino Wall Hung Bidet | L09 UK

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Make a welcome addition to your bathroom with this beautiful wall hung bidet, perfect with any of our wall hung toilets.
  • Made from white, vitreous ceramic
  • Includes toilet pan, pan fitting kit, soft close seat
  • 5-year warranty
  • Long lasting, high-quality materials
  • Gorgeous, modern design.


Toilet, Bidet




Wall Hung Bidet


UK Standard Concealed Cistern Frame, 180mm Frame







Wall mounted bidet toilets are becoming the new thing in modern bathroom design. Their popularity is rising not only in Ireland, but also in Japan, South Korea, Finland and the US. These modernised toilets are specifically there for our hygiene; they further clean and sanitise our privates, without the use of toilet paper.

Bidets have actually been proven to be healthier than toilet paper; they provide better personal hygiene. Going toilet paper-free also helps the environment and American scientific reports show that switching to a bidet could save up to 15m of trees. It also is great for your wallet! Cutting out toilet paper from your monthly expenses will make a bigger impact than you expect.

Wall hung bidets are now becoming an essential item for a modern, gorgeous bathroom and it's not due only to their hygiene improvement and positive impact on the environment. Bidets add to everyday bathroom comfort and are incredibly easy to use. They include a water temperature mixing tap, that allow you to choose your desired temperature; once you get it, simply point the directional nozzle and use.

A Touch of Class for Modern Bathrooms - The Wall Mounted Bidet

The Bidet design and style also adds the perfect finishing touch to a modern bathroom. It is manufactured with high-quality, alpine white ceramic that is long lasting, gorgeous and easy to clean. Its concealed cisterns also gives your bathroom a more organised, clean look and allows you to save space.

The bidets plumbing system, cistern and mounting brackets are all tucked away nicely in the wall and incorporated into the Geberit Duofix system; making it aesthetically pleasing. It is by far one of the best modern toilet options on the market today and complete all bathroom styles and designs. If you're looking to create a modern, dazzling bathroom; the wall hung bidet is your best option.