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Wash Basins & Sinks


Our beautifully crafted wash basins are modern, sophisticated, and versatile; and will add the perfect finishing touch to any modern bathroom. Please note that all basins are sold as a single item. Taps, click-clacks, and additional fittings are sold separately.

We have a wide range of basins including; pedestal basins (a more traditional style standing on the floor), wall hung basins (attached directly to the wall), counter-top basins (placed onto a vanity unit or counter-top to create your own bespoke look), cloakroom (a small basin that saves space while serving its function) and recessed basins (completely or patrially sunken into the countertop or unit) in various different shapes and sizes to complete any bathroom space. 

Don't forget to choose your tap and click-clack to finish off your basin in style!

Basins - FAQ

What is a basin?

Basin (also called sink or washbasin) is a bowl-shaped bathroom fixture used for washing hands, brushing teeth, etc. Basin typically consists of a container that holds water, and a drain to remove used water.

What are the different types of basins?

Basins, typically, differ by shape and size, style, as well as by the method you use to mount them in a bathroom. Typical mounting systems include under-mount, top-mount, or wall-mount basins.

Common basin styles include drop-in, undermount, vessel, and pedestal.

What are basins made of?

Basins can be made from a variety of materials, including porcelain, ceramic, stainless steel, and composite materials.

How much do basins cost, typically?

Small cloakroom basins start at just €100, while our countertop basins start at €125.

What to look for when selecting a basin?

Factors to consider when selecting a basin include:

Size - The size of the basin must be appropriate for the space you have available for it.

Faucet compatibility

Depth of the basin to ensure that it will be suitable for what you’ll be using it for. In general, deeper basins are more suitable for master bathrooms where they are used more often. Shallower basins better suit occasional use, such as in a guest bathroom.

Shape, which can affect both whether the basin will fit into your available space, and how it would affect the aesthetics of your bathroom.

What are the common accessories for a basin?

Basins are sold as single items. So, aside from the basin, you also need to purchase a tap, click-clack, and additional fittings which are typically sold separately. These items are necessary for the basin to perform its function. Aside from those you might also need to get a vanity unit which is required to hold certain types of basins.