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Fox Walk-In Screen Clear Glass with Rose Gold Profiles UK

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This is one of our simplest yet most popular shower glass panels in our collection. With its clear easy clean glass and single supporting bar, this is both easy to install and completely functional right from the off.
  • Easy Clean Glass,
  • 2000mm in height,
  • 8mm Thick Glass
  • Rose Gold bars seen in photographs are also included.

The Ideal Modern Shower Screen

When it comes to modern shower screens, there is nothing like this unit. Although we offer a wide variety of shower enclosures, this unit has become a favorite. It boasts a simple yet elegant design that will complete a modern home flawlessly. Once installed, this unit looks like it is floating in mid-air and adds class to a bathroom suite like no other.

This unit allows for easy access and gives you the opportunity to enjoy your daily bathroom routines as if you were at a five-star spa. With this modern shower glass panel, you will not have to travel to feel like you are on a relaxing getaway; it allows you to feel like royalty in the comfort of your own home due to the elegant, private feel it offers.

The modern, chic look and design of this unit is of course something that can not go unmentioned; however, the quality of the materials used to create this glass shower screen are also a benefit that makes it recommendable for all types of contemporary bathrooms. This quality glass panel will not only look gorgeous in your bathrooms but offer flawless functionality and easy access to your shower.

To enjoy a shower, you simply walk straight in; there are no doors to be opened, no handles to be pulled and no stress to be felt. The glass panel will keep water from getting on your bathroom floor, but will still offer a more open, spacious feeling to your walk in shower. This modern glass shower screen will make you never want to leave your bathroom.

Why a Shower Glass Panel is Ideal for a Modern Home

Although the beauty and elegance of this unit are of high importance due to the fact that a modern home needs to be well-designed and planned; it offers other benefits that make it even more recommendable for modern homes.

Space-Saving - This glass shower screen, once installed, does not need to be moved, opened or folded to enjoy a shower. To access your shower, you do not have to open any doors or use unnecessary space to allow access. This gives you the opportunity to use the space you have in a more efficient way.

Easy to Clean - This high quality glass shower screen is made from easy clean glass that does not require any tedious maintenance or complicated cleaning routines for it to look dazzling. After the shower is used, all bathroom products, soaps, water stains and other imperfections simply slide off of the glass; leaving it looking fresh and clean.

Safe - The glass used to create this unit is sturdy, strong and long-lasting. With this well-made glass shower screen in your bathroom suite, you will not have to worry about your safety. It it made to withstand impacts and last long in to the future.

We believe that this unit is the definition of elegance; it adds the perfect finishing touch to a modern bathrooms. Due to its many benefits, the quality functionality it offers and its beautiful design; it has become a favorite here at Bathroom Store Ireland and we are confident that you will enjoy it just as much as us.