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Arlena Basin | M99 UK

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Arlena Basin | M99

This deep basin sink features a stand-out circular design which provides a unique-take on the modern counter-top basin. The deep basin sink ensures you have the space you need to perform your ablutions comfortably and look great doing it.

  • Unique egg-shell design,
  • 2 year warranty included with your purchase,
  • Made from white ceramic,
  • Made with a high gloss finish,
  • Counter-top basin.

Not Included: Tap, Waste Plug, Waste Bottle

Technical Details

Size: 430 x 430 x 130 mm

Type: Countertop

Colour: White

Overflow hole: No

Tap hole: Yes

Material: Ceramic

If you are looking to elevate your bathroom or represent your modern unique style, this is one of the best basins exactly for that. Thanks to its unique design and concept, this deep sink basin is one of a kind on the market today; and we believe that it will look amazing in any contemporary bathroom.

It beautiful circular shape, its seamless lip, and its rounded circumference all come together to form one beautiful piece worth showing off. So, we believe that this is the perfect addition to your bathroom to elevate your personal style, and to add a pop of innovation and modernity which every current bathroom must have.

Complete with many different beautiful details, this bathroom basin sink is made from high quality materials such as white vitreous ceramic, which gives it its beautiful smooth and glass-like texture, and high grade white glossy glaze to match the colour underneath and to protect the ceramic from everyday use.

In fact, the white glossy glaze is so great that it keeps all dirt and grime completely off of the ceramic, and the glaze itself is practically immune to stains. The glaze also makes cleaning your basin ultra easy! We know that keeping a sanitary and clean area in your bathroom is one of the most important things, so we wanted to offer you the best solution: a deep basin sink which is easy to clean and keep clean always.

In addition to the above stated pros, this beautiful piece is super space saving thanks to its minute dimensions. But we didn't just want to offer you a smaller basin; we wanted to offer you a basin which is very comfortable to use everyday, while also allowing you to have enough space on your vanity or countertop for storage and/or decoration. So, we thought this was a perfect basin for those who love elegance and luxury, but might want to save a bit of precious space.