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Shower Doors


Discover the most contemporary range of shower doors in Ireland, available in various shapes, sizes, and prices.

Shower doors are a very important part of your bathroom design. They are often the biggest feature in the bathroom and the first thing anyone entering it would see, after all.

Take a look at our extensive range of bathroom shower doors below, including bi-fold shower doors, hinged shower doors, sliding shower doors, and frameless shower doors.

Shower Doors FAQ

  • What are the different types of shower doors?

    There are five main types of shower doors on the market in Ireland:

    • Hinged shower doors: These doors are attached to the shower wall with hinges and swing open like a traditional door.
    • Sliding shower doors: These doors have a track and rollers that allow them to slide open and closed.
    • Bi-fold shower doors: These doors have multiple panels that fold in half, allowing them to be opened and closed compactly.
    • Pivot shower doors: These doors have a pivot point at the top and bottom that allows them to swing open in a circular motion..
    • Quadrant shower doors: These shower doors fit into the corner of a bathroom in a quarter-circle shape.
  • What are shower doors made of?

    Shower doors can be made of glass or acrylic, and frames can also be made of metal. The most common shower door material, however, is glass, and these can be made with tempered or laminated glass.

    How much do shower doors cost, typically?

    The cost of a shower door varies greatly, depending on the size, colour finish, mechanism and glass thickness. You can be sure that we have a door to suit all budgets and style preferences.

  • What to look for when selecting shower doors?

    You need to consider several factors before choosing a shower door:

    • Size and layout of the shower area to decide which type of shower doors would be the best option.
    • Bathroom style to choose the best finish and style for the shower doors.
    • Functionality, material, and of course, price.
  • What is the difference between shower doors and enclosures?

    At first sight, both shower doors and shower enclosures seem quite similar. However, there is a crucial difference between them:
    Shower doors usually mean a single door installed in front of a shower or bathtub.
    Shower enclosures, on the other hand, are a complete shower system that includes both doors and walls.

  • Can you help me if I have other questions?

    Absolutely! We’re always happy to help you pick the right doors for your shower. If you’re unsure which option is best for you, give us a call, visit our showroom, or email us, and we'll take it from there.