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Silia Cosmetic mirror standing - LED light UK

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  • Only the best materials, the quality of which has been confirmed by laboratory tests
  • To reduce our impact on the environment, we sell the mirror without power adapterSilia Cosmetic Mirror Standing - LED Lights

LED light

Evenly distributed LED light around the mirror allows for accurate illumination of the face. This light changes gradually from warm to cold and vice versa. In addition, the mirror has a built-in memory that allows you to remember the last settings.

Silia Cosmetic Mirror Standing LED light USB C Charger

USB Type-C charging

The mirror works without connecting to the socket, because it is charged via USB type C. The built-in battery lasts for 4-6 weeks of use, thanks to which you do not have to worry about constant access to a power source.

Silia Cosmetic Mirror Standing LED Light Magnification

3-times magnification

This is the optimal magnification for applying make-up or daily care activities.

Silia Towel Holder Modern Design

Modern design

It is a sublime product that will help you keep order in the bathroom, while being a sophisticated decorative element. Silia accessories, despite their minimalist form, are well thought out and functional. All models are stylistically consistent and harmonious, providing the bathroom with an attractive appearance and maximum arrangement possibilities.


Dedicated cleaning agent, safe for cleaned surfaces

The use of dedicated agents means that the surfaces do not deteriorate and remain smooth for long, facilitating daily cleaning. A specially selected composition removes the most common dirt very effectively. On the other hand, the preparations are mild for a given type of surface (metal, granite, ceramics and others), without entering into chemical reactions with them. The preparations are biodegradable and thus safe for the environment. With Deante cleaning products, keeping things in order will be very easy!

Product specification

Series Silia
Colour gold
Surface type shine
Material ABS, glass, brass
Height [mm] 392
Width [mm] 220
Depth [mm] 140

Files to download

File type File name Extension Download
technicalDrawing ADI_X812.PDF PDF Download
instruction Lusterko_Silia_17_12_2021.pdf pdf Download
model3d ADI_X812.3DS 3DS Download
model3d ADI_X812.dxf dxf Download
model3d ADI_X812.obj obj Download
model3d ADI_x812.skp skp Download
warrantyCard Deante_Gwarancje_Warranty-od-18_05_2021-_19287.pdf pdf Download