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Radaway Furo Brushed Gold DWJ Premium Sliding Door UK

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The sophisticated, simple design of the Furo series is emphasized by the new, fashionable colour of brushed copper. Profiles, brackets and handles are finished with it. A deep shade with a satin glow adds timeless nobility to the cabins. 

Furo Brushed Gold DWJ Sliding Door 

8mm Glass

GLASS 8 MM - Safety glass, tempered with a thickness of 8 mm, compatible with standard PN:EN 12150:1.

Wall Mounting Fixing System

FIXING SYSTEM - Wall mounting system with profiles allowing levelling of the curvature of the wall.

Stabilising Grip

STABILIZING GRIP - A stabilizing grip with an innovative door slowing system.

Furo Roller

FURO ROLLER - The rollers are flush-fitted with the glass pane - a flat surface facilitates easy cleaning of the shower enclosure.

Floor or Tray Mounting

MOUNTING WITH / WITHOUT A SHOWER TRAY - This shower enclosure can be mounted on the shower tray as well as directly onto the floor.

*Please take care in selecting which variant is needed, if you have any questions please contact us.