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Magnetic Magnetic granite sink 2-bowl with drainer UK

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  • Longest, 18 years warranty
  • The sink is equipped with fittings with a connection to the dishwasher

Properties of Deante granite: resistance to impact, high temperature, discolouration, thermal shock

Granite composite is a combination of quartz sand and resins in ideal proportions. Thanks to this our sinks are resistant not only to impact, but also to high temperature (250°C), spot colour change and thermal shock - in accordance with the European standard PN-EN 13310 They do not absorb odorsand have hydrophobic properties that repel water molecules. Granite is chic and timeless, and thanks to the a wide range of colours goes well with equipment every kitchen - modern and classical . Deante granite sinks are produced in Poland, in one of the most modern factories in Europe. Progressive production technology guarantees preservation of the highest standards of workmanship and audit quality, which results in not only beautiful appearance of the product, but also its special properties.


Magnets embedded in the mass of the sink

Magnetic sinks have magnets on the side invisible to the customer. The magnetic properties of the products are used to attach steel masks and equip sinks with dedicated accessories.


Possibility to buy accessories that perfectly match this model

Optionally, the sink can be equipped with baskets, a railing and a stainless steel hook. By placing a washcloth or kitchen cloth in them and separating them from other items, you increase hygiene when working in the kitchen. Baskets mounted on the side shelf provide a practical space for storing kitchen utensils. Hook and railing can also be purchased separately. Accessories dedicated to sinks are available in 3 Coloures to choose from: brushed steel, bianco and nero.


A steel mask is included

The steel bracket separates a practical shelf that allows water to drain easily and quickly. The shelf is the perfect place for a wet sponge or small herbs in pots. You can also put dishwashing liquid on it.


Hydrophobic properties repel water molecules

Hydrophobicity is one of the natural features of granite, very desired in the kitchen. The surface of the sink repels particles of water, what the drops freely flow taking dirt particles with them. All of this makes keeping clean much simpler and no scrubbing or use of specialized chemicals.


Reversible sink - possibility to install the bowl on the left or the right side

Factory drilled holes in the sink have several advantages. First they allow any choice of the side on which we will have the drainer, therefore the sink is "reversible". Assembly is simple and relieves you of the necessity troublesome drilling holes on your own. washer or pop-up plug| pop-up plug or dishwashing liquid dispenser}.


The exceptionally spacious and deep bowl will even accommodate trays taken out of the oven

Modern sinks are part of the fashion of using the kitchen space to the maximum. With the same dimensions, they allow you to fit more in their interior. Cooking enthusiasts are certainly pleased by the fact that their very deep and roomy bowls will without effort allow to wash not only large pots, but even sheets removed from the oven or shelves from the fridge! More space makes it easier to rotate the dishes and is useful for less standard applications.


Accessories with automatic shut-off of the drain

The automatic drain plug system allows you to adjust the water outflow with a knob. There is only one discreet controller on top of the sink. An important advantage of this technology is the fact that one move is enough to immediately unlock the water outflow, without the need to soak your hands.


Dedicated cleaning agent, safe for cleaned surfaces

The use of dedicated agents means that the surfaces do not deteriorate and remain smooth for long, facilitating daily cleaning. A specially selected composition removes the most common dirt extremely effectively. On the other hand, the preparations are mild for a given type of surface (metal, granite, ceramics and others), without entering into chemical reactions with them. The preparations are biodegradable and thus harmless for the environment. With Deante cleaning products, keeping things in order will be very easy!


Space-saving siphon which facilitates e.g. sorting waste

The sink was equipped with ingenious "Space Saver" siphon. If you've been|annoyed|annoyed by} pipes and elbows taking up most of the space in your cabinet, this is the solution for your kitchen. Telescopic and special design allows you to adjust shape of the siphon to your needs. Thanks to this, it is easy to find much more spacein the cabinet for example for homemade preserves or garbage. You can also connect a dishwasher or washing machine to the siphon. And most importantly - you get the siphon in set!


Possibility to buy a cloth rail that fits perfectly with this model

The rail hung on the edge of the sink is a practical solution that enables to organize the space for washing dishes. Easy assembly and disassembly of the product will make it easier to keep clean the sink. Available in three Coloures: brushed steel, bianco and nero.


Possibility to buy a sponge hook that fits perfectly with this model.

A sponge hung on a hook that does not come into contact with other items is increased hygiene of everyday kitchen work and saving valuable space on the kitchen counter or sink. Available in three Coloures: brushed steel, bianco and nero.

Product specification

Series Magnetic
Colour alabaster
Surface type matte
Material granite
Installation method inset
Number of bowls 2
Minimum cabinet width [mm] 900
Length [mm] 1160
Width [mm] 500
Height [mm] 224
Bowl depth [mm] 210
2nd bowl depth [mm] 210
Reversible Yes
Equipped with accessories Yes
Overflow spot in a bowl
Drain diameter 3.5''
Number of holes 2
Hydrophobicity Yes
Colour steel
Sink material granite, steel
Sink installation method flush, under mounted, inset, farmhouse
Number of sink bowls 2, 1.5
Overflow type rectangular with a cap
Overflow spot in a bowl
Drain diameter 3.5''
Plug type automatic
Low siphon/ space saver Yes
Telescopic siphon Yes
Possibility to connect a dishwasher/ washing machine Yes
Logo Deante on the overflow cap

Files to download

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technicalDrawing ZRM_X213.PDF PDF Download
instruction Zlewozmywaki granitowe_Granite sinks_manual.pdf pdf Download
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model3d ZRM_X213.obj obj Download
warrantyCard Deante_Gwarancje_Warranty-od-18_05_2021-_19287.pdf pdf Download
hygienicCertificate Atest-PZH-Zlewozmywaki-granitowe.pdf pdf Download
declaration DECLARATION OF PERFORMANCE GRANIT SINKS 11.08.2023.pdf pdf Download